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Vikas Singla
Co-Founder, COO

Webinar: Secure Your Medical & IoT Devices...FREE

Medical and IoT devices can be a hacker's dream to find entry into the network, risking both patient safety and sensitive data. They are commonly deployed without IT and:

  • Don’t support endpoint management and security agents
  • Lack patching support or basic built-in security from manufacturers
  • Don’t produce logs for monitoring

Traditional tools and scanners are too intrusive and have gaps with accurately identifying IoT devices, IoT-specific threats, or with providing automated device-level behavior monitoring.

Get 7 Answers IT & OT Needs About IoT Devices

1. What new IoT devices were added to the network?

2. How were new IoT devices profiled and segmented?

3. What new IoT-specific threats were introduced?

-default credentials, VxWorks, manufacturer's CVEs, etc.

4. Did any devices engage in cyber espionage?

5. How can we manage IoT devices that can't run agents?

6. What compensating controls can be applied to IoT devices that cannot be patched?

7. How can we get IoT device detail into our NAC and SIEM?

Get These Questions Answered in Your Environment...FREE

Learn about a Program to Discover & Secure Your Medical & IoT Devices:

  • Deploy in Minutes without network TAPs or agents
  • Auto-Discover + Identify IoT Devices 
  • Detect IoT Vulnerabilities That Scanners Miss
  • Continuously Monitor devices for rouge behavior
  • Segment, Block and Remediate IoTdevices 
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