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Vikas Singla
Co-Founder, COO

Secure & Segment Medical IoT Devices Without Network Taps


Medical and IoT devices are on the network but many lack management capabilities and built-in security. Traditional tools like vulnerability and NAC scans fail to provide real-time device and threat context, and they are too intrusive and not allowed by many medical device manufacturers.

7 Questions CISOs Want Answered

  1. What devices are on my network?
  2. How are we profiling and segmenting new IoT devices?
  3. Are we testing for IoT-specific threats?
    • Default Credentials
    • VxWorks Vulnerability
    • Manufacturer CVEs
  4. Will we know if an IoT device engages in cyber espionage?
  5. Are we capturing IoT device detail in our SIEM?
  6. How are we managing IoT devices that cannot run agents?
  7. Do we have compensating controls for mission-critical IoT devices that cannot be patched?

Learn How To:

  • Auto-Discover & Identify devices by type, make and model
  • Detect Vulnerabilities in Real-Time without device interference
  • Test for IoT-Specific Threats that scanners miss
  • Baseline & Continuously Monitor for rouge behavior
  • Control, Segment & Block devices
  • Remediate unpatched devices without downtime
  • Integrate device context into existing tools and processes
  • Deploy in Minutes - No network taps, agents or storing sensitive data in the cloud
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